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Isabella Taylor

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AUD $102 of AUD $700 target.

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??Welcome to my page and thanks for stopping in ??

Most of you know my mum is a social worker and has volunteered to open our home to our friends and family who would like to participate in the sleeping under the stars fundraiser. 

Ive decided to do it this year with mum because as i get older i can see how hard my parents have worked to make sure i never really have to know what its like to be scared, hungry, to not be able to shower... but not all parents can help their kids - some kids don’t  have parent's to fight for them at all and some kids have no extended family either  to help - so they have to worry every day about where their next meal is coming from and sleep on park benches and stuff. 


By sleeping under the stars for one night and collecting sponsorship, we can offer a teen like us but not as fortunate a chance to have a secure rood over their  head, have regular hot meals and get an education. I hope to raise $1000 for stepping stone house who help 13 Aussie homeless kids every year.  So i ask you to Please consider sponsoring me - even if its a small amount as EVERY ?????????? COUNTS!  

Most of us buy $5 bottles of water  and $6 coffee's every day without blinking an eye lid but we are always sceptical about whether we can afford to donate to charity or sponsor a charitable event... and this Doesn't  really make sense to me because as a country, we send billions over seas but do very little to help our own people. As individuals, we complain about how much is not spent on aussie issues, but won't  take a bottle of water to school or work for 1 day to give $5 to an aussie charity. ?? 

So if you can’t  make it to the coast to sleep under the stars with me - please consider  sponsoring me. On the 24th of November i will be representing all of you who sponsor me by building a house from cardboard boxes and sleeping rough in a country paddock 40min from civilisation with a group of just as passionate people who believe that by helping homeless youth - we're helping the future  of Australia. 

Thank you in advance for sponsoring 

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          Stepping Stone House (SYDNEY STEPPING STONE INC)

          Stepping Stone House, founded in 1989 is a community-based charity providing accommodation and personal development for homeless and at-risk youth aged between 12 and 25 years, so that they can fulfill their potential. The children of Stepping Stone House are supported in a holistic environment with a focus on adventure education and an emphasis on building essential life skills for independence.

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          Isabella Taylor

          for Stepping Stone House (SYDNEY STEPPING STONE INC)

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          AUD $102 of AUD$700 target

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          AUD $281 of AUD$1,000 target

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